06 December 2008


She was freezing, but didn't let it slow her down.

A shot of Amanda at the Screamer's gathering on Thursday.


Shea said...

she's beautiful, and another fantastic piece, Eric

Anonymous said...

Erik - Thanks for your comments and thanks for the opportunity to see your photographs. They are really stunning - It's like you have a magic potion that you add to the images. The dentist's chair is beyond real.

cube said...

Very nice. Keep moving is the best advice to someone that's freezing too.

Erik said...


Thanks. I'm glad you like the work I've been doing lately. This is another I knew would catch your eye. :)


Thanks for the encouragement and I passed the info to our pink-nosed friend in the picture.


I appreciate your comments VERY much. The dentist chair really inspired me and it seemed to come to life more with each digital tweak.