21 February 2007

Fox News Has No Legal Obligation To Tell the Truth

Fox News Fired Investigative Reporters for Refusing to Lie to the Public

Fox News suppressed an investigative story on rBGH (
recombinant bovine growth hormone) and rBST. Steve Wilson and Jane Akre were two award-winning investigative journalists who were fired for refusing to lie to the public and for refusing water down the cancer and other health risks posed by ingestion of milk products from cows injected with rBGH. Specifically, the piece focused on Monsanto's Posilac, a hormone product injected into dairy cows throughout U.S.. The court ruled that Fox News and the media have no legal obligation to tell the truth and can require their staff to omit, lie and/or falsify the news.

Check out the video below. It's worth a 10 minute watch.

"[Organic and rBST-free milks] together represent barely one percent of the overall market, but the people that are buying them are paying significant premiums of $1.50 extra per gallon for rBST-free and $3 extra for organic," Foltz said.

Numerous articles from the Organic Consumer's Association regarding rBGH are available here.

Canada and Europe have upheld the ban on rBGH, yet it remains in the milk supply of much of the United States.

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Peter said...

Go organic seems to be the only way... Not to mention the issues of freedom of speech/truth etc but I wont get started on that. Have a gr8 day - Pete from New Zealand