01 March 2009

My Longhorn Boots

During a siesta Friday afternoon.

These boots get a lot of attention in Austin.


VirusHead said...

*Very* cool boots!

j said...

I am slowly emerging from my blogging cave.

Nice boots! I haven't been to Austin in ages, but they do bring me back.

Anonymous said...

I love those boots!

Anonymous said...

look like the pair I have in the closet..they have a lot of miles on them but still trucking

Anonymous said...

Yee-haw...some snazzy boots there! Nice pic!

Mark Alan Meader said...

Cool shot! Looks like an editorial photo waiting for a story..

Manz said...

I have a similar photo... but of my ugg boots ;)

Love this photo. The hard shadows/contrast in light is awesome.

Erik said...

Thanks VirusHead, only recently become acquainted with your blog, looking forward to more.

Welcome back to the light...darkness...whatever...welcome back from cave dwelling.

Thanks Spicy, always nice to have you drop by.

Good boots are tough to find, yours have travelled far. I think these are a product of magic.

Thanks Holly,
You type with a Texas drawl, you should take it for a long Texas drive and get yourself a few pair.


Thanks. I had someone tell me that just before I got your comment. I love synchronicity.

roentarre said...

The boot does have very intersting texture there!

Ron Centeno said...

Nice Photo, nice boots!

Anonymous said...

Great photo and great boots - You could "Waltz Across Texas" is that pair. Wishing you the best.

Erik said...


Are your uggs on your blog?

Yes...they are suede and I'm trying other shots trying to capture the texture the same way...to no avail, as of yet.

Thanks for dropping by and the nice compliments.


That's one of my favorite dances and songs. Oooo. I'll have to see if the version that I like is available...I'll try to share it if I can find it.

Jackie said...

There's just something about a Texas man!! I know I married one!!

Great boots Erik:-)

Manz said...

Hi Erik.
No, I took the photo as part of a photo collection I put on my facebook page "my home environment in photos". When I took them, it was winter and I'm always in my uggs.

However, I'd trade them for a decent pair of "cowgirl" boots anyday. Then of course, I'd want to saddle up :)