08 October 2013

Rumors Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

So... I haven't been posting as much as I would prefer, but I have been filling my time with something far more fantastic than blogging!!
Pure bliss.

So...this is what I was supposed to be doing!

29 July 2013

Austin's Urban Forest Plan

I posted this on another blog that Sam and I recently began, Food Forest Retreat.  

A Facebook friend posted this on Our Food Forest Retreat page today and I felt it important to pass the info along:

Officials say the effects of continuing growth and development, combined with long term drought conditions, create a need to develop the Urban Forest Plan as part of Imagine 
Austin’s Green Infrastructure Priority Program. Board members and staff will be stationed at multiple locations around the city today and Tuesday to engage with the public on the topic of Austin’s urban forest. Residents can also provide input online through a discussion forum and short surveys. There will be a community workshop and open house from 3-7pm on August 13. Online surveys and information can be accessed atwww.austinurbanforestry.org

Monday July 29th, 2013

7:00 am– 10:00 am|

Northwest Austin Recreation Center
2913 Northland Dr., Austin, TX 78757

5:00‐7:00 pm

Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail, Under the Mopac Bridge


Tuesday July 30th, 2013
3:00 pm– 7:00 pm

Ruiz Library, 1600
Grove Blvd Austin, TX 78741


Tuesday August 13th, 2013

Community Workshop & OpenHouse
3:00 pm– 7:00 pm

26 June 2013

People's Filibuster in Texas

It was quite a scene at the Texas State Capital and will likely be one for the history books.

Here's the line from Leticia Van de Putte that provoked the first people's filibuster in Texas:

The applause in response to her statement began the people's filibuster where the chambers became so noisy, the Senate was unable to proceed.

Here's a clip from the rotunda.

No matter your point of view on the issue that provoked it, the People's Filibuster has proven it's efficacy.

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst called the people's response: "Occupy Wall Street tactics".

22 June 2013

I'm Moving to the Country to Experiment with Permaculture in Texas

I am including one of my most recent posts on our Food Forest Retreat blog  to explain one of the primary reasons why I haven't been posting so much lately:

We decided we are going to take a leap of faith and move to a lovely piece of property with friends.  We are going to begin implementing and testing a number of permaculture techniques and food forest designs.  We begin by sitting down with the owners/landlords and getting all of the details hammered out.  That hasn't happened yet; but we have great faith. So much so, that I just put my favorite fall jacket in a pile for garage sale/trade/donation and Sami is packing things in boxes as we speak.    
(Click to Enlarge)
What you see in the photo above is the property we are moving to.  It covers 6.1 acres and has 2 seasonal streams on it!  We have been struggling with selecting property for permaculture in Austin and we now have a great playground/school. With no neighbors to speak of, I can pursue my lifelong goal of being naked in the garden. We're so excited we can barely sleep. Ok.  She can barely sleep and I'm creating graphics to illustrate how excited and unable to sleep I am.  

We are working through a short list of self-nominators to take over our cozy duplex by Barton Springs. We're going to miss it very much; it's a wonderful location to connect with amazing people and their diverse communities.  
As our focus turns to moving, we may not post much for a few a few days.

08 April 2013

Daytime Photos of Flowstorm 2013

Just returned from the Flowstorm 2013 Festival held just outside Austin in Cedar Creek, TX.
There were seminars on flow arts (staff, poi, hula-hoop, juggling, etc.), ecology, mycology, dance, acro yoga, alternative healing, fire walking, philosophy, permaculture and the like.  It was an amazing and eclectic group and a powerful and inspiring experience.  I met old and new friends and hope participate again.

Click on any image below to enlarge.

I know it's a lot of photos, but it was a big experience. 

07 March 2013

Tonight is the last night I plan on mourning the death of my mother.  I am stating this in the hope that doing so will help me to gain some closure and momentum in my own life.

She has been my protector, provider, teacher, inspiration & guide and I will always miss her.  But I cannot continue to mourn the way I have.  It has impacted each day since she left very profoundly.  Tonight, I'll drink a few beers; withdraw for a while and allow myself time to say goodbye.  I am not setting her aside, but restarting my life.

I will always love you, Mom.  Thank you for letting me spend your last night with you.  It meant so much.