02 October 2015

Lucia Light at Art Outside 2015

We are back and heading to Art Outside 2015!  
We will be providing workshops on sustainability and be introducing as many people as we can to the Lucid Light, also known as Lucia no.3, the hypnogogic light.  It is a meditation appliance that uses light to activate all 4 quadrants of your brain while gently stimulating your pineal gland.  The result is an experience that provides a stunning visual display as you are whisked to a reality within.  
Artwork by: Erik Kuykendall
People meditate for decades to experience moments of lucidity that can impact their realities in powerful, positive ways.  After a Lucid Light experience, many have reported gaining insight into their true selves, discovering a sense of wholeness, well-being, compassion, and connection.

Participants relax while music plays and light shines, strobes, and flickers on your closed eyelids; revealing a breathtaking, expansive, creative, insightful, and colorful meditative wonder world.  The altered states of reality accessible by using this light may facilitate insight into your consciousness.

There will be NO CHARGE TO SAMPLE THE LIGHT and we will be accepting love donations for full sessions.  (This pricing structure is exclusive to Art Outside, our regular rates apply in the "real world")
Art Outside will have tons of music, visual art, and workshops and will be held at Apache Pass October 25th-29th.  

Samantha will be doing a sustainability workshop or two or three...  She just loves the subject(s).  

To find out more about the Lucia No.3, visit our webpage: www.lucid-light.com 
or our Facebook page: 


Amber Pixie said...

Hey, long time, no read! :) That's some pretty groovy stuff you're up to!

Erik said...

Thanks. I like the look of your new pixiespocket.com site! We are having so much fun with it all. If you want to check us out on FB too, there are additional updates: