12 September 2006

Reggae Morning Music

This one is for you, Laura! Thank you for filling my days with music and love.

Apparently, someone else does, too! Sing on, brothers and sisters!


Erik said...

To you Nosey Nellies that wrote me about this post:

Laura is a dear friend who leaves me music on my cell phone to brighten my day and remind me I am loved.

To Laura:

You are a dear friend and I am lucky to have you in my life.

Anonymous said...


You're the best! After I dropped Zion off for school, I pulled up to a red light and there was a dread head in the car next to me listening to Bob. So, I turned my Bob on too. I was inspired . Then I went on a walk around town lake with a girlfriend and drove home listening to Bob. Now I'm home and I find this lovely surprise on my computer. With little Sage Marley on my lap, we watched and listened togther to Bob sing another song. It sure is turning out to be a great morning! Thanks so much, my dear dear friend.