30 October 2006

International Artist

The Sleeping Pirate

(click to enlarge)

I stumbled across a "budding" artist in the blogosphere. Ellen is an Aussie pirate with a penchant for the anatomy artistik'. Her interests, her art, and her designs all stem from below the waist. This is not a site for children, but for those who can appreciate how humanity and humor can bond even the most distant of friends. She is focused on the collaborative power of artists and the impact we have on our fellow artisans and the world. Give the, "Nonchalant Natter of the Sleeping Pirate" a peak...you know you want to. Let her know what you think.


Samantha said...

Now that's what I call art!

Jackson45 said...

She's cute!

Jezebel said...

Cute nothing, she's purrrrrrfect!!!