22 November 2006

Spy Planes Over the United States

The Global Hawk has flown it's first Air Combat Command mission over the United States!!! Read an AOL Time/Warner news report here or a Newshounds report here. The Air Force fact sheet link can be seen here.

The Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle provides Air Force and joint battlefield commanders near-real-time, high-resolution, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance imagery.
Cruising at extremely high altitudes, Global Hawk can survey large geographic areas with pinpoint accuracy, to give military decision-makers the most current information about enemy location, resources and personnel.
~U.S. Air Force

What do you think about your government using drone spy planes for surveillance in the U.S.? Do you get warm fuzzies knowing that your tax dollars are going to fund Air Combat Command missions over (against) people living in the United States?


Major Thom said...

They are bragging about this.

silwid three said...

It's for your own protection that they are listening. And...your comment has been noted on your permanent record.