04 December 2006

Killer Robots!!!

This sends chills up my spine:

Samsung Techwin entered the aircraft engine and film camera businesses in 1977. Since then it has been..."a driving force in the development of Korea's precision machinery industry. ST sells semiconductor equipment and components, turbo compressors, digital cameras, video devices, Howitzers, APCs, and now...Robots that kill!

(click on picture to enlarge)

The SGR-A1 Security System is a robot, created by Samsung Techwin, that is
"...designed to replace a human-oriented guards, overcoming their limitation of discontinuous guarding mission due to its severe weather condition or fatigue, so that the perfect guarding operation is guaranteed.." and it has "...guaranteed shooting accuracies."

The tracking mechanism has a 2 km (day), 1km (night) recognition range, laser range finder, target tracking & zoom and can be armed with a rifle or light machine gun.

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