16 January 2007

Automated License Plate Recognition

I awoke to find a comment of someone questioning this technology and it's existence in the States. Here's a You Tube video of one in use in Florida:


Anonymous said...

Think about it...officers already can look at a license plate and call it in for a check. ALPR (this technology) does nothing more than make this process easier, more efficient, and safer (since the officer is not distracted looking at your plate and funbling with his radio). These systems are in much more widespread use here in the US than you would think...and have been credited with capturing rape, robbery, identity theft rings, and drug runners. They also recover (literally) tens of thousands of stolen cars...which means that the insurance co's do not have to raise our insurance premiums to pay for those cars.

Erik said...

Officers can already legally look in people's windows as they walk by. I'm excited it shouldn't be long til they have the technology to walk/drive past a residence and scan the people and substances inside. I suppose it would be easier, more efficient, and safer to jut place a small camera/scanner in all computer monitors and TVs. We would be able to capture rapists, robbers, drug runners, drug users, sodomists, and anyone practicing a religion other than that approved by our elected representatives. We would be able to see drug users and monitor alcohol and tobacco intake. Insurance premiums would plummet as we would be able to directly apply premium increases to only those people directly participating in riskier activities. Of course, I'm not worried. I don't do anything wrong.

zzzpirate said...

here, here erik!