11 January 2007

Shrinking Peace Rallies

I just got back form the peace rally at the capitol. Same faces...only fewer.

OK...so the big news yesterday and today is that Bush wants to send another 20k troops. The Pentagon says something slightly different:

"The Pentagon also announced it is proposing to Congress that the size of the Army be increased by 65,000, to 547,000 and that the Marine Corps, the smallest of the services, grow by 27,000, to 202,000, over the next five years. No cost estimate was provided, but officials said it would be at least several billion dollars."

Maybe a few more people will show up at peace rallies:

and a few less at football games.

I want to know why our peace rallies march to empty buildings and marchers spend their time talking to those who already understand actions speak louder than words and reporters who will never air their footage. Why do the marches not lead to a college football game with 75,000 people in attendance to see dying-age children play? Would it be more effective to hand a brochure to the same people who show up to the rally each time or to highschool and college-age kids and their parents? Maybe many of those John 3:18 signs might be replaced with Matthew 5:43-47 signs.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Teh police don't attack innocent people as often at football games. I just can't take the risk. I have children. Who would raise them?

I guess once I get them raised, then the government can have them killed for whatever cause the corporate culture is pushing at the time.

What do we do? How can we be heard without being beaten? Keep writing, Erik.