08 February 2007

Spanky Retires this Sunday!!!

Come say goodbye to Spanky the Rodeo Clown. This will be Spanky's last official appearance to support the Rhinestone Cowgirls of the TXRD.

He is retiring Sunday the 11th, 2007.

(click here for ticket info)

I'll miss him, but I know a part of him will live on in Me. :D

Long live the Rollerderby!!!

Long live the Rhinestone Cowgirls!!!

Spanky never had a bad time at the RollerDerby. He will miss the roar of the crowd, the cracking whips,

the spanking of butts, being tackled by the Cherry Bomb Cheerleaders,
the sweat, the blood, the chiropractor appointments and the crowd who has shared so much love and anger with him.

Most of all, he will miss the Rollergirls. He has always held these powerful, intelligent, ecclectic women in high regard and promises to continue.

Goodbye Spanky!!!

1 comment:

Bill F. said...

Spanky will always be remembered fondeling, oops fondly.