08 March 2007

Remotely Controlled Boeing Passenger Bombs

Will a new technology promoted to prevent another 9/11 put flyers at greater risk of being used in terrorist attacks?

The article starts out by saying, "New autopilot will make another 9/11 impossible". Of course, if someone hacks into the system, it would make 9/11 possible on a far grander scale. The system is called 'Uninterruptible Autopilot System' and was patented by Boeing without fanfare within the last couple of weeks.

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"The mechanism is designed to make it impossible to crash the aircraft into air or land targets - and enable the plane to be flown by remote control from the ground in the event of an emergency."
"Once triggered, no one on board will be able to deactivate the system."
"After it has been activated, the aircraft will be capable of remote digital control from the ground, enabling operators to fly it like a sophisticated model plane, maneuvring it vertically and laterally." (View the article here.)
Of course, this assumes no one will be able to hack the system. If some 13 year old hacker gets in, the safety of passengers and any target on the ground are jeopardized. We all know that only teenagers can hack the most secure government computers and terrorists in caves are just too stupid to accomplish such a feat.

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