28 May 2007

Memorial Day-Support the Troops, Support Peace.

In honor and admiration of those who go into harm's way with the intention of protecting freedom, liberty and people like me: Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. I honor you. I fight for you. I do what I do so that you won't have to do what you do.

I love you and wish you peace, health and a safe return home.

Soldiers bear the weight of the decisions our administration and representatives make. Do your duty as an American to hold our representatives accountable for their actions. Be accoutable for your own actions! Speak up, speak out, become a voice in the choir singing for reason, communication, and peace.

I don't want peace because I hate soldiers and love terrorists. I want peace because I love the people who have dedicated themselves to the idea of protecting me and know that sticking to the ideals that we have always believed to be at the core of America will reduce or eliminate those who wish to create terror within our borders.

If you support the troops, write your representatives in Congress, the Senate and the Whitehouse and ask for a return to an America that believes torture is wrong, imprisoning children is wrong, attacking countries that have not attacked us is wrong, removing habeas corpus is wrong, and that the Geneva Convention isn't just how other countries should treat American prisoners. Remember the Golden Rule: Treat others how you wish to be treated. Honor, integrity, communication, and altruism typically don't infuse people with hatred.

Support the troops, support peace.


Anonymous said...

Right on......

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you make sense when you shouldn't. I'm not sure how I feel about what you have said. At first glance, I think I agree. But I'm going to think on it.