03 May 2007

Morning Music - Rex Foster

I have no fancy video for you for this one. People often ask me who my favorite artists are and I typically respond, "Who can pick favorites?". I can say with all honesty that Rex Foster is one of my favorite artists of all time. He is a skilled craftsman with an eye for natural beauty and an amazing musician/poet/songwriter/human. One of my favorite songs of all times is 'Freedom' from his 'Artist' CD.

Please take a moment to listen to a sample of 'Freedom' here. (Courtesy of Rex Foster and CDBaby)

Rex is, not only, a great artist...he's one of the most wonderful people you would want to meet. I have never met anyone who knows him who has anything bad to say about him. Most have a few stories to tell, but never an ugly word. If you ever have an opportunity to see him perform, take it.
You can visit Rex's website here.


Erik said...

Blogger is doing nutty things. I can't get the fonts to behave on my page. The last paragraph shouldn't have been in fine print. Sorry about that. ~Erik

DragonSongbird said...

I'm listening and sitting in my kitchen...drinking a "Thunder" smoothie with strawberries and listening to the twins sort out their little argument in the living room without killing each other. I just got off the phone with a terrific girlfriend that I havn't talked to in a long time....oh poo! The song just ended. CDbaby only gives samples :( But I was REALLY enjoying the song. Freedom as a state of mind...for me. Peace and quiet. Time to enjoy the good things. Like my smoothy. Visits with friends. Playing the guitar. Ahhh...the good life. If only it was sunny. But I won't ask for too much. OH!!!! The best news is that while I was cleaning out the downstairs bedroom I FOUND MY WRITING (the monologues I wrote last year and a bunch of other stuff)!!!!! I am VERY excited. So...check out MySpace in the next couple of days when I finally post monologue 3/3. XOXO ~ XOXO

QuirkyGirl123 said...

I couldn't resist checking out his myspace page and other songs. All are very sexy and fun; great choice this morning for music!