03 June 2007

Dictatorial Power Grab?

Dictatorial Power Grab?

President George W. Bush recently assigned more powers to himself. National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD51) & Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD20) allow the President of the United States to take over in case of national emergency(defined in broad terms). The president can declare a national emergency exists and then the president could take control of all national essential functions for continuity of the government including all federal, state, local, territorial and tribal governments as well as private sector organizations...All without consulting the Congress!

You can see the Whitehouse press release here.

I was excited to find that this made it to a mainstream outlet via Jerome Corsi who contributes at World Net Daily. So...Washington Journal isn't FOX News, but it's a start. I think it's great videos such as this are becoming more readily available.

I want real news; I don't care about dogs dialing 9/11 or what celebrity got high or laid yesterday!!

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