06 August 2007

Thank you Sheila Jackson Lee

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas,

Thank You!

Thank you for speaking up for our civil rights. Thank you for representing the people. Watch her in the video below as she speaks regarding SB (Senate Bill) 1927. This isn't likely to replayed on Fox like a Paris Hilton clip.

Anyone want to know which of our "representatives" felt it important to give away our civil rights? Peak at the roll call here. They called this the Protect America Act (S 1927) . Yes, this is truly beginning to upset me. Please say it upsets you and contact your representatives. Please start doing something. 20 minutes a day to a better country!

There were 227 votes in favor of making it totally legal for Big Brother to spy on you. 183 of our representatives voted to maintain some semblance of civil rights.

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