09 October 2007

Erin is a Burner!!!

A great evening! Erin is officially a burner! She lit up the poi and spun away.
And she still has most of her hair!

She even gave a performance for a young man who , in his haste, ran out to watch with his blinking shoes on the wrong feet. At one point, I heard Erin say, "I heard my hair sizzle and I can smell it!"...all with a gleam in her eye and a smile on her face. She couldn't get enough. We used all of the fuel I had and she was still ready to spin some more. She's going to be a great performer.

Congratulations Erin!!! Here's to a lifetime of fun and fire!

1 comment:

fire joe said...

Wow. She's cute! Do you have pictures of her spinning?