25 November 2007

Forgive Me

This is a letter to my friends, family, peers and readers:

Please forgive me for having so many posts that illuminate destructive forces and quiet injustices. I keep logging on to research and write about art & photography OR produce art & photographic works. I end up writing about some corrupt "representative" or injustice. I want to tell the world to just chill out for a while so we can all have some fun, create & share art and breathe deeply again.

In my research, all that I have learned and all I wish I could un-learn; I discovered there is beauty, wonder and miracles that balance the destruction and chaos that have become so evident in the world we live in. It can be quite challenging to recognize these qualities still exist. I assure you (and myself)...They are there.

I promise to continue to bring you interesting art, events, photography, music and videos to temper all of the other stuff that can make a person feel as if they have just returned from an aerobics class. Thank you for all of your support, feedback and patience as this project has evolved.

I wish you all love, longevity and boundless happiness,



Anonymous said...

I am pretty impressed with how well you find time to find all of this stuff and process it and find all of the other cool stuff on your site. I am pretty sure most people feel the same way.

I hope you had a uymmy turkey day.

Anonymous said...

Now you're talking! Good God this is a beautiful place, isn't it? What do we choose to see? What do we choose to feel? Which life do YOU choose to live? Thank you!

Kelli Lawless said...

are you about to go on another news diet? ;) We love you no matter what you post -- and sometimes it just takes a good massage to get over a tough aerobics class.

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop posting the politics though. i like your balance and your indignation!

boomer43 said...

love your point of view...practical and not mixed up with partisan stuff. also love your art stuff. you have a fun blog to read with stuff in all directions. keep the fire at their feet.