27 December 2007

Goodbye Benazir Bhutto

Another sad day in international politics.

Benazir Bhutto (
beːnɜziːr bʰʊʈʈoː)has been assassinated in Pakistan. The lady on FOX News said it was inevitable. I had hoped it wasn't.

The man George Bush calls "My Buddy" declared a state of emergency and suspended the constitution November 3rd thru December 15th of this year. Bhutto, the only real opposition to Pervez Musharraf, was placed under house arrest just before she was due to give a speech and lead a rally against the state of emergency that Musharraf had ordered.

After Musharraf "freed" her, he continued to prohibit other opposition party leaders from speaking in public. Ms. Bhutto was killed while leaving a political rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Although George Bush supported Musharraf throughout suspending of the constitution, raiding TV stations and taking their equipment, the arrest of political opposition and the imposition of martial law, he said in a public address:

``Mrs. Bhutto served her nation twice as prime minister and she knew that her return to Pakistan earlier this year put her life at risk, yet she refused to allow assassins to dictate the course of her country,'' Bush said.

"We stand with the people of Pakistan in their struggle against the forces of terror and extremism. We urge them to honor Benazir Bhutto's memory by continuing with the democratic process for which she so bravely gave her life."

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Natalie said...

I am SO upset about this! Not just the loss of another human life, but the loss of another member of what is increasingly becoming a tiny club: women in places of political power. Sure, Bhutto wasn't perfect (the corruption charges are one such example of this), but her voice was certainly no less intelligent, articulate, or valuable!