07 December 2007

Militarization of our Police

Let me begin by saying, there are respectful,honorable,reasonable, caring men and women who wear the badge and do the thankless, low-paid job for the betterment of their society and their fellow man. However, there has been a steady progression toward militarization and an frightening increase in the acceptance by citizens to be treated as "civilians".
I am a citizen, not a civilian!!!
The video points out some observable shifts in the way police are armed and how they interact with the public they serve (not rule). What happened to serve and protect? When did the police become intimidators, tax-collectors aggressors, and our militarily armed keepers, rather than public servants?

Write your city council members to let them know what you think of the police in your area. If you have a wonderful police force, write a letter to let them know how wonderful you think they are and encourage them to continue to interact with the public in a respectful, reasonable and empathetic manner.

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