04 February 2008

Serve and Protect?

Warning!!! This is very explicit footage of police abuses. I hate posting this sort of thing, but feel it is important for all of us to know it is going on. If the police had or if they were to charge Hope Steffey under the 2006 Military Commissions Act or under the Thought Crimes legislation that is about to breeze through the Senate...All of this would be considered legal and acceptable behavior.


Let me point out that I strongly believe that there are honorable, respectful, thinking men and women on the force who would never participate in or allow such a thing to happen. Unfortunately, new officers are being trained in paramilitary, rather than sheriff, style approaches to interacting with citizens. (Citizens, not civilians)

If you notice, the officers didn't appear to be doing this with joy or an evil intent. It looks as if they are just going through the mundane duties of processing a perp; like there isn't anything unusual about what they are doing. I think this is the part that is most disturbing.

We are quickly losing our liberties and our leaders are asking that we forgive those who trounce our rights because they are protecting our freedoms. Whose freedoms are we fighting for and where did habeas corpus go?


Erik said...

With the last two posts, I believe it unlikely I will win the latest blog competition. Things got deep and dark really quickly.

I really do hate posting this stuff. I wish it would stop appearing, rather than appearing more frequently.

Hops said...

Vid no longer available. I saw this on another blog and I agree completely. It's utterly disgusting, with Orwellian implications.

Erik said...

Thanks for letting me know about the vid being down. I added a different link. Thanks for your comments, it's always good to know I am not the only one concerned about the rising police abuse statistics.