30 April 2008

Eeyore's Birthday Party 2008 Pictures

Last weekend was a marvelous, sweaty time in Pease Park in Austin. Below you will find links to all sorts of wonderful Austin-Weird photos.

(Click on photo above to view Brian Berzer's pictures.)

(Click on photo above to view Steve Hopson's photos.)

(Click on photo to view Sparky's photos.)

It began in 1963 when Professor Birdwell of U.T. and his students had a picnic and party in celebration of Eeyore's birthday (Yes, the Winnie the Pooh Eeyore), although the party is not celebrated on the official birthday of Milne's depressed donkey. The party has become a mainstay celebration for the hippie subculture here.

To view pictures from Austin360.com, click here.

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