29 May 2008

Bush Claims More Powers Than King George III

According to Scoop from New Zealand,The Massachusetts School of Law issued a press release in which Constitutional scholar David Adler contends that George Bush has claimed more powers for himself than King George III was able to do.
“No executive in the history of the Anglo-American world since the Civil War in England in the 17th century has laid claim to such broad power,” said David Adler, a prolific author of articles on the U.S. Constitution. “George Bush has exceeded the claims of Oliver Cromwell who anointed himself Lord Protector of England.”
"Adler said, Bush has “claimed the authority to suspend the Geneva Convention, to terminate treaties, to seize American citizens from the streets to detain them indefinitely without benefit of legal counseling, without benefit of judicial review. He has ordered a domestic surveillance program which violates the statutory law of the United States as well as the Fourth Amendment.”"
You can read the entire article here.

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david mcmahon said...

I reckon the wig is an improvement on the Bushmeister's normal hairstyle!