04 May 2008

Floating Lanterns

This is a breathtaking sight I hope to take in some day! It's a celebration called the Loi Kratong Festival in Chian Mai, Thailand. It's held on the full moon of the twelfth month of the traditional Thai lunar calendar.

"Loi" means float and "Krathong" is a type of raft.

For a more details, pictures and video; check out Ajish's blog here.


ajish said...

hello Erik,
Thank you for your comment on my blog and linking me up here. Glad to note you enjoyed the taste of Thailand in my web. I'am truly missing Thailand as I was uprooted away to Philippines.

Very soon I will put more info about Philippines too, just not enough time at the moment.



Amber said...

Oh, I've seen pictures of those lanterns before, but never knew what festival or country did it!

It is truly beautiful. Thanks for linking to Ash's blog so he could explain it further. :)

Erik said...

Ajish, I'll keep checking back. Here's to more time for everyone!