17 June 2008

Media Blackout!

Does it bother anyone else that some amateur blogger in Austin knows that the House sent 35 articles of impeachment to the Judiciary Committee (click here for original article), but Fox News, NBC, CBS and ABC haven't mentioned a peep? Anyone wonder why they haven't heard it on Clear Channel radio?

Put simply, "WTF"?


Ada said...

Keith did have it on as breaking news, it may have gotten more traction if Pelosi and Reid had not shot it down, but I agree, for as much as the media harps on trivial matters, this sure did get overlooked.

Erik said...

Pelosi is a Bush loyalist and an anti-patriot. You are right, but I keep expecting to see something somewhere.

kelli said...

wow -- talk about clueless. I knew more about the Gov Mansion fire when I was out of town than about this!

MEG said...

I am amazed at the people who want Pres. Bush impeached. He will soon be out of office. Pelosi is not a Bush loyalist and where they got that I have no clue. I think this bill is a disgrace and why Ron Paul voted for it, I have no idea. I thought he was smarter than that. You people need to do your homework. The Muslim threat started in 1968 when Robert Kennedy was killed. Iran is a threat and I guess when we get blown off the map, they will make believers of the ones who do not believe Iran is a threat. 9-11 was not a threat, ha, look what happened.

Erik said...


I want George Bush impeached and I think it is good that the impeachment was delayed. I would hate to see Cheney as president.

I would like to see George Bush held accountable for what he is accountable for. Apparently, so do a majority of the representatives (More than just Democrates).

If he is responsible for the named high crimes he should be held accountable. If he is guilty, he should be imprisoned. If he is innocent, history will always remember him as falsely accused.

Ron Paul thinks it's important to further investigate these charges for a reason(s). He's a pretty smart guy, maybe you should examine why he feels the way he does.

It was me that said Pelosi is a Bush loyalist. She entered office under the flag of "impeachment is off the table"....not: impeachment is off the table once we have evaluated the facts.

Who thought 9/11 was not a threat?

Are you someone who believes that 9/11 and the events surrounding that fateful day and the resulting multitude of deaths and mamings should be evaluated further or placed on the shelf for all history?

Dear friend, please remember: LOVE>FEAR.

Erik said...

It has not been a complete blackout. My friend Gene sent me these articles:





Theresa H. Hall said...

I actually watched the news tonight and I heard not one bit of this information. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What exactly has Bush done, lay it out. He thinks Iran is a threat and so do I. Why should he be impeached over this idea? I went to the H.Res. Bill 1258 and read it. Again it is all about the Muslim threat and it is out there. I have read many writings of Muslim's and their goal is to take over America from the inside.
What exactly should Bush be held accountable for? The war in Iraq?
We should remember 9-11 so we will not be doomed to have a repeat of that tradegy. We had many events that led to 9-11 and all were ignored. In 1993 the World Trade center was bombed. Was anything done about it, no, I do not think so. The Muslims wait many years to achieve their goals. What will happen next? These people lie very well and will never tell the truth about anything. Their religion justify's it. I went to Ron Paul's site, could not find anything about his views on this impeachment.

MEG said...

Meg went and found the Articles for Impeachment for Pres. Bush. After I study it, I will comment on it. Just wanted Erik to know I found it.

Erik said...

Dear anonymous,

If you read the 35 charges against him, you will know what he is charged with. To know what he did will take an impeachment investigation. He may have operated with the greatest integrity, but with what American has seen, there are questions to be answered.

I will not be addressing the issue you raise on Iran as people do not want him impeached because he thinks Iran is a threat. (Read the charges)

You mean that there is a group of Muslims that thinks infiltration might work? Maybe they got the idea when we installed the Shah of Iran in '67.

I fear Muslims taking over the U.S. from the inside much less than I fear Americans are losing their country because they fear Muslims.

You ask what I feel Bush should be held accountable for. Some of the charges that most interest me are his non-compliance with Congressional subpoenas, a tax-paid propaganda campaign,illegal detentions and the allegations of his involvement in kidnapping and torture.

You mention 9/11. Here is what he is charged with:

The President first attempted to prevent all investigation into the 9/11 attacks, then obstructed
investigations of the 9/11 commission and failed to respond to their requests for information.
The President recklessly endangered the health of 9/11
responders by causing and allowing the Environmental Protection Agency to issue false, unsubstantiated and
misleading information about the air quality in the area after the attacks.

Regarding Ron Paul. I am from Texas and have heard him call for the impeachment of GWB, but he always said the same thing I did..."Cheney First". It may not be on his website, but check how he voted (Yes).

Your fear and distrust of Muslims is interesting. I do not find that it is based on anything factual. I have read the Koran and I have read the Bible. It would be to your advantage to do so, as well.

Who's religion justifies the American public being deceived and lead to war? Who's religion justifies the 4,000+ Americans who have died, the tens of thousands who have been mamed for life, the millions of Muslims killed directly and indirectly because of the lies told by George Bush and this Administration? Was it done for the greater glory of Christ and service to humanity?


Maybe an impeachment might provide some insight.

Erik said...

Thanks for all of your comments.


Thank you for investigating further and remaining open-minded. I appreciate that about you and look forward to your insights.

I, too, remain open minded. If I am presented with facts that trump what I understand, I change my mind.

Rose / interhuss said...

It may bother me, but am I surprised? Not really. You would think there'd be a tiny mention of it somewhere, but there more into image these days.

However, if Bush was kicked out and Chaney took over... I'd rather let Bush ride the rest of this one out.

JImmyD said...


You are the reason we are in the trouble we are. You don't look past what you are told.

You need to check your fear and do some research. The Bush Administration and your current reps in Congress and the Senate have been stripping you of your rights.

They have done more damage to this country in the name of fear and nationalism than terrorist attacks will ever accomplish.

Remove the scales from your eyes, don't be part of the masses mislead.