10 July 2008

Congress Votes Out 4th Amendment, Senate Agrees

Microsoft sent out a security update which crashed my computer. I am purchasing a Mac today and am currently typing on a borrowed computer. I only have a brief opportunity to comment on what just transpired with the Democratic lead Senate passing FISA.

The cynical side of me isn't surprised, the American in me is appalled. Barack Obama said he was going to support this bill and his forums exploded. He opted not to vote. This man is not a valid candidate for President. He has shown that he will not defend the Constitution! Who is? Let me know.

The Senate approved a bill (previously approved by the house) to retroactively immunize the telecom companies, end all pending suits against the, and allow the government warrantless wiretapping and data tapping. The vote? 69-28 with 3 abstentions. You can see how everyone voted

George Bush's words on July 4th are chillingly prophetic:

To my fellow citizens to be: We believe in free speech in the United States of America!

While he is saying that, someone who just called him a war criminal is being hauled off by the CIA or Secret Service. They then hand her off to the Police.

Warrantless wire tapping and free speech in America.
This is a dark day in American history. My hope is that this is the spark that ignites the American public into taking responsibility for what is happening!

No matter what you think of the ACLU, I expect they will get a gold star for their defense of the Constitution in the coming battle. Click here to see to see how they plan to challenge this as soon as it is signed into law.


Amber said...

I'm disappointed, to be certain, and angry to be sure! However, I am still casting my vote for Barack Obama. Would you rather McCain? I have little trust in either, as they are both politicians, but my interests align closer to Obama's. *sigh*

I have little to no hope for the future of America, much less the world. I just keep on loving my family and dear ones, and life goes on.

American Genius said...

totally true and there is also a bill that includes provisions that effectively make George W Bush the first person to grant a pardon to himself and everyone in his administration since 9 11 2001, after the supreme court had ruled that the war on terror was subject to the geneva convention

Erik said...


Ya. He's a real piece of work. I always appreciate your input. Do you know the bill number on that one? I had seen it before but couldn't blog it at the time.


It is a shame Barack Obama has chosen to empower and protect crooks and liars rather than the Constitution. We may both think he is the lesser of two evils, but why vote for evil at all? Because the system says so? :)

If you discover the right place to put our confidence, please let me know.