02 July 2008

Voting Out the Constitution?

You say that you feel politically involved after the election runoff?

Here's something even the not-so-politically-involved can sink their teeth into. The New FISA bill would give immunity to the telecom companies for violating U.S. citizens' Constitutional rights (an unconscionable precedent to set) and then would allow for data-tapping,wiretapping and tracking without any sort of warrant!

Please get involved and write a letter or two to your representatives. If you don't know your representatives, click here.

The following video is of Senator Russ Feingold speaking of his opposition of FISA and explains what happens next.

I teased some of my colleagues and said we can celebrate the Constitution on July 4th and maybe when we come back
you'll decide not to tear it up.

-Russ Feingold on FISA


American Genius said...

There are forces at work to destroy Freedom and the constitution, and what most may not know is that many of those are Americans who are not Terrorists, not in the traditional or George Bush sense of the word, or Islamic Extremist
Big corporations, and other entities would like nothing better than to rip it up

Anonymous said...

Great posting. Wisconsin has given us a great gift in Russ Feingold.