11 September 2008

Chris O'Riley-Swashbuckling Writer

I want to let you know about a new swashbuckler and writer in the blogoshpere. His name is Chris O'Riley

He's from the Yorba Linda area, but has come to call Austin his home.  Of course, his swordsmanship and his burgeoning bullwhip abilities make him a likely friend.  His approach to live and his desire to write have sealed the deal.  He is looking to live a blog-worthy life and to write about it.  

I recommend getting to know Chris & Cassidy.  Their enthusiasm for life leaves them glowing as they maneuver through our decapitated society.  
I met him and Cassidy Austin (Artist/Model/Librarian), his adventure partner and girlfriend, at the Heart House Benefit where Cassidy was modeling.  

Arlene and I were instantly drawn to their energy, geekiness and big smiles.  We have enjoyed meals, thoughtful conversation, laughter and adventure.  They are unusual people with extraordinary talents.  I hope there are more unusual people with extraordinary talents who recognize these spirits for who they are.  If you are just such a person, make certain to click on their links and get to know them.

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