07 October 2008

Denton Police Force Goes Paramilitary?

In my research about a TX arrest, I visited the site of the
Denton Police Department.  I was interested to see what they had to say as I attended NTSU (now UNT).   I was dismayed to see another example of marketing a paramilitary police force.   Denton is a college town of about 80,000 with two universities, UNT and TWU

This is the only photo on their homepage:
The paragraph under the photo begins: 
"These are exciting and challenging times for public safety service delivery and we seek to meet those challenges by creating new and different ways to better serve our customers."
Is Osama Bin Laden hiding in Denton?  What is their intent in posting this.  Is this how they want to be seen now?  Someone thinks this is good PR for them?  No one has gotten upset about this in a city filled with college students?  

Is this what serve and protect has come to look like in your town?

Where have all the sheriffs gone?

Am I just being too sensitive about all of this?  Am I blowing things out of proportion? 


Amber said...

Sounds like the Portsmouth police - there's a kid on trial for shooting a Chesapeake officer during a botched drug raid at 8:30pm. back in January - all the kid had was under a half ounce of pot and a pipe!

You aren't blowing it out of proportion, but you are one of the few willing to make noise so you are of course decried as just a rabble rouser!

Justicia Adams said...

How is it that this is happening? Do you know anyone who wants this?

droo said...

It is hard to say what that government's motives are. California's SWAT teams have finally caught on in other areas. I would like to believe they are a measured response to increasingly armed and dangerous criminals, but you never hear about gang life in Denton. Perhaps a web search is in order...

Erik said...

For a police force to advertise itself to the community at large as a tactical assault squad is a sad statement on our decapitated society.

Ya...Cali, Seattle and New York seemed to blaze the trail for the black-suited, jack-booted storm troopers that intimidate and imprison rather than serve and protect.

Long live the rabble rousers!

zbicyclist said...

What are they doing here? Foreclosing?