22 October 2008

Morning Music - Kresling on School Loans

This video gets a "Wow" rating. "The Beast That Swallows Its Young" by Matt Kresling. 
It is a very creative and original video.  

Love to have people's input on this one.


Amber said...

So...I love the video. But he says that there is no penalty for not paying back your student loans?? I thought that was prosecutable debt - or the Dept of Education has threatened me with as much in the past. They bought my debt from Sallie Mae, isn't that sweet of them?

Erik said...

I'm not sure what is and isn't prosecutable debt, but I wouldn't trust a debt collector to provide me with true and accurate information.

No...You bought your debt from Sallie Mae. I suppose they did it for you, but they did it with your money. Funny how that worked out. You pay for their bad debt, but they didn't reduce or eliminate yours.

Neat how capitalism and free markets work, eh? I must have missed something in my high school lectures.