08 November 2008

Help me name this photo.

This photo is currently entitled "Untitled".  
Any suggestions?


tvc15 said...

Carnivore waiting for the carnival

Reverend Loy said...

Madre de Green Hornet

Nadine said...

hmm.. it's very texture-y

"Looking for patterns"
"Blue thoughts"

livingstone said...

"When you leave the door open, you never know who may come to visit!" ;-D

Lynn W. said...

I would call it: "Contemplation in Blue."

Zaheer Iqbal Naru said...



Shea said...

blue woman pizazz, not sure how to spell pizazz, but that's my suggestion

Shelley said...

(ec)static electricity :-)

p.s. thanks so much for dropping by my blogs and visiting me on Blog Catalog. Your personal comments were so appreciated!

Erik said...

"Faustrecht im Nachtblau"
loosely-Law of the Jungle in Night Blue

Cool picture, by the way.

Erik said...

Sorry. They are all awesome names I thought I had responded to this post. Thanks for all of your input.