18 November 2008

Matt's Close-up

When I went to shoot Matt, one of his friends said I should try to capture his eyes.

I think it would have been harder not to.


Amber said...

Beautiful! I'd love to see his face nearly covered by deep blue flowers that match his eyes, with just his eyes gazing out from the petals.

:) Huzzah for beauty!

Shea said...

it is...it's beautiful

Indigo said...

Brings an all new meaning to windows to the soul, doesn't it? Great Picture! (Hugs)Indigo

Erik said...

Amber...like the idea. I may have to try something like that in the near future. I'd love to have all sorts of people buried in flowers with eyes peeking out. Huzzah.


Indigo, Yes...picture windows. :D And...I love your profile picture...very nifty.

Karin said...

I love the way you've done this - not only how beautifully you've captured his gaze and eyes, but the way you've enhanced the "stage" for them. So much stark white, with just enough color and texture surrounding him to create a mysterious atmosphere - and I love the outline that is created, suggesting at what is there... just wonderful!