27 November 2008

Much Love & No Shopping

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day.

Want to give something special this year?  Give presence, not presents.

Much love & No Shopping!!!

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inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

If America can get back to the joy of living and not the joy of buying and consuming. It would be a much better place

Shea said...

A little late in the day, but
Happy Thanksgiving.
Pretty cool, I won't be doing much shopping at all this year

Erik said...

You are so right empire. By the way...I don't think I told you before, but I like your book choices.

Thanks Shea...Backatcha. My brothers and I stopped doing the gift thing about 7 or 8 years ago. My friends gather together and exchange joy and love, but not gifts. I am a lucky man.

Robin Easton said...

I like this!!! A no shopping day.

Just think if we had a NO shopping Christmas...and then took all that money and used it to feed starving kids, help the homeless, the elders and other people who have no one to help them. I'm ALL for it.

We don't do the Christmas shopping/giving thing. And at first some people really got bent out of shape over the fact that we were not going to do it. But they adjust...or not. LOL!

I detest the whole consumerism aspect of it and the waste and more and more and more metality. We tell all our friends and family to not send gifts, but to just love us. That's all. It a very freeing thing to be outside the meyhem. I love some aspects of Christmas, the snow, the caroling, hot chocolate, etc.

Now we usually take time to spend together, time out, as both our schedules are very frantic. So it's been a really nice change for us.