27 November 2008

Mom and Joe Cocker

I found out, early this morning, that my Mother went into the hospital.  I was looking for a bit of music to lift us this morning and ended up at the quintessential Joe Cocker:  Woodstock '69. 

 8 minutes of "With A Little Help From My Friends".

Get well soon, Mom.


Amber said...

Love and prayers to your mama!

I don't buy anything on Black Friday, but I do sometimes go to the mall just to people-watch. :)

an ordinary Saffa girl said...

Aw no, I hope she is out soon Erik... nothing too serious I hope! I was in myself for 5 days earlier this month and it sucked. Had some crazy people in my ward!

I do hope your mum is out soon.

Shea said...

Great song. I hope that your Mom gets well soon.