24 December 2008

Holday Party Photos

I have been so busy for the last week.  Not enough to sleep, eat and blog.  I have been shooting a number of parties around town and am sharing some of my more recent shots.

These are all from a party at the The Driskill Hotel in Downtown Austin.  I will be reviewing the hotel, food, amenities and staff on Roxy's Best Of  blog very soon.

It was an evening filled with food, drinks, dancing and smiles as big as Texas.

Oh...and hand-rolled cigars.

That Dino sure knows how to throw a party.


Shea said...

That girl looks like she's having fun.
Merry Christmas!!!

Roxy's Best Of... said...

Great lookin' party... I really like that second photo. You do some amazing things with a camera, Erik.

Almost time to say...Merry Christmas!


Thomas said...

That last picture is really cool. What is the effect called?

Erik said...

Back atcha Shea! I pick a lot of my subjects and composition knowing which ones you will like.

Roxy, I really appreciate your thoughts. I'm late sending love back, but here it comes.


I manipulated the contrast, colors, etc and saved it, then manipulated it again to bring out other ranges, saved it and manipulated once more. If I had documented it, I would have shared it, but I was on a roll. :)

Shea said...

Hey, Eric,
go to http://justdoingsomethinking.blogspot.com, I found, through digg, a little late, a great Christmas song and video by Willie Nelson and steven Colbert,
Happy Holidays

ZzkAng said...

perfect indoor shots!!... :D

April said...

Great pictures!

Erik said...


Thank you very much. You have a lot of great stuff on your site too. I initially found you through EC. Find myself visiting often these days.

Thanks April!

I am removing the last photo in this series as I heard that the young lady was shy about having her photo on the web. Until I hear something different from her...I'm afraid I have to remove her lovely smile.