13 December 2008

My First Post for Roxy

Today I celebrate my first post at Roxy's Best of Blog (albeit a bit late).  You can find interesting information on restaurants, events and more in New Jersey, Texas, and more.

If you are looking
for information on Austin's 2008 Santa Rampage, look no further. 


Anonymous said...

Santa Rampage photo by Steve Hopson.

* See more Santa Rampage photos www.stevehopson.com.

Roxy's Best Of... said...

Thanks for posting about the Santa Rampage in Austin...we don't have anything like it here in New Jersey...I hope you'll have some "after" pictures for us soon!


Erik said...

Thanks Anonymous. I had intended to link that on the initial post...both here and at Roxy's blog. As a photographer, I always try to give credit. I get blogging late night and miss a few pieces occasionally. I'll update my blog in the next day or two.


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