30 December 2008

Self Portrait - "After 4 Massages"


Khogan said...

Hey Eric its me Shawns son i finnally got on to your site and this is what caught my eye. Its a really nice photo. It reminds me of infared vision that the military used.

Shea said...

I like it, its pretty cool

earthtoholly said...

Hmmm, you look very...relaxed? Nice effect! Happy New Year!

Jo said...

Eric thanks for stopping by my humble blog! Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing more of your amazing art!

Erik said...

Hey Khogan! Great to hear from you. I consider you Shawn's son, but I think of you more as my nephew. It does remind me of infrared a bit, too. I thought it looked a little more like aura photography. I'm glad you like my photo.

How's ROTC?


I sure hope you are going to have access to a computer in your travels.

Thanks EarthToHolly,

Relaxed and a bit drained. :)
Massage is an awesome profession.


You are so cute and humble. Your nature photos often get me off my butt and out taking pictures.
i look forward to more of your work.