02 February 2009

Carnaval 2009 - Austin, TX

We met some friends at the Apple Bar in Austin on Saturday.  We were having pleasant discussion and this lovely person from Longview in a pirate suit appeared and asked if we wanted tickets to Carnaval.  We looked at each other and she interjected, "I'm not trying to sell them.  Our friends from Longview couldn't make it.  We just want someone to go and enjoy Carnaval!"

What could we say?

It was quite a spectacle of sight and sound.  There were drums and bands and headdresses and drums and merriment and drums.  Can you feel that Samba beat?

I plan to post more pics from the party when I get the time to do more editing and censoring.  This was not a tame event and not a place for children.  As I have no children and I love to take photos of spectacles, I think I was in the right place.


Arlene said...

Some of my favorite shots so far!

Erik said...


Shea said...

you can't drink our tap water now anyway, it's contaminated from all the breaks, etc, problems we've had from the ice storm, all the trees, and damage, looks like a major hurricane has hit here, so yeah, we are paying out the ass for water right now, but hey it's not contaminated, or as contaminated as the supply, and I should not be complaining, I have electric, heat, phone, cell, now, and running water, which thousands don't still, and its 14, and I have something to eat, so right now I am doing much better than most of my fellow Kentuckians