24 February 2009

Long, Sleepless Nights

Long, sleepless nights alone.
Then...There's your smile.
More sleepless nights as I lay
Basking in your smile.

Long, sleepless nights alone.
Then...There's your eyes.
More sleepless nights as I lay 
Living lifetimes in your eyes.

Pursuit, are you kidding me?
Yes, pursuit.  Your eyes call.
I find you. You push me away.
Pursuit, are you kidding me?

You know not what it means.
You feel the importance inside.
I'll pursue. I'll always pursue.
Your eyes and smile call to me.

Long, sleepless nights no more.
Your look, your energy, your touch
All fill me to over-flowing;
All more than I ever dreamed.


Shea said...

that's beautiful

Sue said...


Thank you for stopping by our blog earlier :) It is amazing the amount of reports coming in, and the crop circles :)

earthtoholly said...

Thanks, Erik, for stopping by and commenting.

This is a beautiful poem...and photograph. Interesting what you've done with it. :o)

blissful weddings said...

nice poem, thanks also for dropping by

Erik said...

Thanks guys. She really inspires me.

nilamparab said...

nice poetry every word is carefully placed for the needed impact. gr8

Erik said...

Thank you Nilamparab. I appreciate your visiting my blog and your nice comment.

grottogirl said...

Oh, this is beautiful. I don't get most poetry, but this comes through loud and clear.

Erik said...

Thanks Grottogirl. That makes me smile.

Stephen said...

Cool effect - like how a snake might see things :)

Crestfallen Kitten said...

I love this one. It's lovely (both photo and poem), a tribute to your beautiful muse.