06 April 2009

In the Shadows

Arlene said she thought that Peace Scream looked too aggressive to her.  After looking at it with that perspective, I can see her point of view.  Although the shot was taken in a moment calling out for peace, it can look like a cry out in frustration, as well.

Here's an image that I hope communicates peaceful contemplation:


Dorothy L said...

I would have to agree.
This photo definitely looks more serene or peaceful.

Both are good photos just the same.

Funny how people all have different perceptions.

Have a very nice day!

Dragonsongbird said...

I like both photos. The background of "Peace Scream" is more relaxing than "In The Shadows" and both are quite a departure from your usual work. They remind me of 60's album covers. NICE!

Erik said...


Thanks. I find it really funny that how many perceptions I have, depending on day, mood, hormones and the like. I hope you are having an amazing day :)

Thanks Songbird,
I like these on some days, others I don't. It's all about the joy of the journey, though...Right?