23 May 2009

Obama's Preventive Incarceration Speech

President Obama has called for the creation of a legal system that will allow for the indefinite detention of people that our non-fascist Homeland officials might deem dangerous in the future...AND he did this standing in the presence of the original Constitution of the United States!

That's right, you don't need to commit a crime or even be charged with a crime.  

Is anyone really surprised?

This is the same Constitutional scholar, Barack Obama, that told the American people that FISA is necessary and, by default, the 4th amendment is not. 

Thank you for being diligent, Rachel.


Droo said...

My grandmother once told me that Obama was the anti-Christ, and I nearly choked on my dinner. Now I find myself in the same stunned situation with Obama's flowery speech regarding "Prolonged Detention". How could he attack the Bush administraton's mistakes when he is about to make the exact same error in judgement? This knee-jerk reaction stomps all over what our founding fathers and mothers wanted for us by spewing the same fear-mongering justifications for illegal interpretations of the "rule of law". That man has an enormous responsibility not only to be a better president than all previous in recent memory to regain the respect of its people and the world, but he also represents the potential of black Americans to show the white aristocracy and hillbillies that there is another way to greatness through empathy, working together in social unity, and abiding by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It will be too easy to use this type of incarceration on the American people that local or federal law enforcement will abuse for "people who don't look rite(sic)". This does not bode well. Why must George Orwell be correct? Is this our destiny, to be ruled by fools? Now back to my regularly scheduled programming of "American Idol".

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that the people in the audience are clapping and cheering and wanting to hug him after this. I honestly believe some people are still so enamored with the fact that Obama is our President that they will approve of anything he says, without even listening. Ick.

Droo said...

On a slightly geekish note, I immediately thought of Padme's comment in "Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith" when the Emperor took control of the government away from its people: "So this is how liberty dies - with thunderous applause." I was quite proud of my somber wit. Little did I realize that others had already noticed and commented on this pattern in Obama's political maneuvering: http://conservativeamerican.org/tag/obama-signs-bill-to-sound-of-thunderous-applause/

I had faith in this man like no other politician in recent memory. I suppose we all have own imperfect ways of getting from point A to B. I can only hope that the good faith he has restored in the global community will outweigh the short-sighted policies at home.

Anonymous said...

Drool, "enormous responsibility not only to be a better president than all previous in recent memory" how arrogant can you be?
"epresents the potential of black Americans to show the white aristocracy" oh that arrogant.
shhh, I'm gonna tell you a secret, he is half white.

John Kaduk said...

I obviously don't like Obama, just look at my blog. But the U.S. Constitution does not protect enemies caught in war, even if you think it should. The Supreme Court decision in 2008 declaring that Gitmo prisoners deserve habeas corpus rights is a joke. They ignored all precedent and reasoning put forth by the Founding Fathers.

If you want to flame a President for suspending habeas corpus to someone you have to address FDR for imprisoning Japanese-Americans during WWII. You also have denounce Abraham Lincoln for denying habeas corpus to the South in the Civil War.

Droo said...


I do not believe that I conveyed my points very well regarding the comments you mentioned. Even though your claim of arrogance on my part had no useful follow-up information, I will attempt to explain more clearly. I maintain that the American people have been looking for a savior of sorts to rescue us from the trappings of U.S. imperialism and a wrecked economy brought on by the Bush administration (and others claim from part of the Clinton era as well). Obama's claims of reaching out to hostile (to America's government) nations with an open hand and mutual respect is a dramatic shift from business as usual defined by the Cold War and Kennedy era's treatment of Cuba. I will give him points for at least saying the words. That is more than I have seen in my lifetime from any president. But our country is still in a sad state, and printing money to buy ourselves out of a recession is reckless. Laying down for the auto workers union by giving them a large percentage of ownership of GM is pointless if they do not also renegotiate the contracts. The cycle of overpaid union workers and unsustainable benefits will continue, and GM will be sold off in pieces. And as I stated earlier, why set precedent by "legally" holding detainies indefinitely. That program worked so well on people that we could not immediately prove did anything wrong, so we can use it on our own civilians. It sounds like something so far-fetched in our culture where the general premise is "innocent until proven guilty", but what percentage of troubled inner-city kids do you think got a fair shot with local law enforcement and the public defender? My point being that Obama has been our president for barely more than oh so special 100 days, and he has already made huge decisions with potential for much abuse and financial ruin. The American people have evolved to the point where the idea of someone is not a crusty old white man could lead the country, and they finally elected who did not fit that mold after years of frustration with same tight politicial circle. America has the chance to break free from that old stigma, get along with its neighbors and attempt to plan for a secure fiscal future. That is a huge weight to bear, and Obama was the one who had the most of everything: good looks, charm, sincerity (read "actually believable"), youth, patience and certainly did not look like the ancient establishment. Here is a black/white (black as portrayed by himself and the media) man that the black community and open-minded (and hopeful) white folks were waiting for to help the country evolve into something better. If he succeeds, you could easily argue that he would be the pioneer for other races and women to assume the presidency in the very near future. If he fails, it would be too easy for Republicans and other exclusion groups to latch on to that failure as a battle cry for "only whitey can do it!" Surely that has the potential to start a few race riots? Anyway, all doom and gloom can be draining. Hope is one thing I still hold onto from his campaign as it is still early in the game. And isn't life just a fun little game anyway?

P.S. shhh, I'm gonna tell you a secret, I like my men with a little cream in they coffee.

Shea said...

I'm not surprised. The president is mostly just a puppet anymore.

Miss Sam said...

OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST!! Love your blog Erik!and no I am not suprised by any rediculous thing obama has done or will do. Pray that Texas really does suceed from union, that truly is our only hope.

Miss Sam said...

Oh and P.S he isn't a savor to the American people by ANY means he is just another man, just like president Bush was just another man, although news and liberals everywhere have made him out to be, it's going to be hilerious when he runs this country further into the ground and his supporters regret voting him into the presidency... and furthermore did anyone catch the comment he made about America being muslim country?? Last time I checked I was hispanic american NOT muslim!!! Im outraged! And by being hispanic NOT muslim....Where the hell is my bail out check???