17 September 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

Staying at a hotel the other evening, I received a complimentary copy of USA Today (Fri., Sat., Sun. edition Sept 11-13, 2009).

They posted, on the front page, results of a survey given by TripAdvisor. The question was: Should congress place size limits on carry-ons?

54% of respondents replied yes
46% of respondents replied no

Are you telling me that it has gotten to the point that 54% of traveling
Americans believe that Congress should even consider such a ridiculous notion? Please tell me it was an anomaly in sampling and that USA Today was just trying to drive more traffic to the story about "Representative" Lipinski.

What do you think? Am I way off the mark?


Theresa said...

I saw that and the question I have is, don't the airlines already have limits on the size of a carry-on?? You know when you go to check in and there is a basket that says "Your carry-on should fit in here". Aren't the airlines supposed to enforce that themselves? Next people will want Congress to enforce the 15 items or less lines at supermarkets!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I'll telly you whatever you what to hear Erik but I really wouldn't doubt this is true.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I admire your work very much.

So a comment from you was very special!!

Thanks bunches and remember to measure your carry ons!!

Erik said...


The link I added has an interview with Rep. Lipinski who says the airlines don't enforce their rules well enough, so he thinks Congress should take over...for our protection. Ugh.


Thanks, I am honored. I try to follow every rule to a "T" as I have long hair and don't genuflect at the first hint of authority. That seems to attract enough attention on its own. :)

zbicyclist said...

We could have the SEC enforce the limits, since they did such a good job with Bernie Madoff.

The group that would be in favor of this is the luggage companies. Make the maximum size one inch smaller and we'd all need new luggage.

Erik said...

Always the opportunist. :) LOL. I hadn't thought of it that way.

Born with a big mouth! said...

I think most of the people that were polled must not travel very often. It is nice to be able to take everything you can ON the plane with you if possible. BUT I DO know that the last time i flew I ended up having to cram my bag under the seat because soem LARGE man had a LARGE bag that he felt needed to be in the overhead. I was NOT happy ..... so I quess i can see both sides. It should be up to the airlines though .... not the gov.

Shea said...

This is just ridiculous and since it is ridiculous and is about our American govt; I am sure it is in all probability true.

Erik said...

You are so right. It is a concern, but not one for the Congress to address.

Ya. Sad, but it's true. Unfortunately, the most ridiculous ideas seem to bubble up from the ranks of our "Reps". The link to the story about Lipinski gives the details.

Mindy Sitton said...

You are definitely not off the mark. "Sheeple" is the most apt lable on this post.