07 September 2009

Earth Chalkin'

An afternoon of chalk in the back yard:

Pinks and browns and blues and blues and blues
Transformed into an essence of the earth

Afraid for years, not of bodies, not of personalities
Afraid for years of misrepresenting, maligning
Afraid to disappoint, afraid, afraid, afraid

Peace, learning and satiation found only in creation
A lifetime of art, creativity, love, joy and thankfulness.


Scotty said...

beautifully organic

Julie@Momspective said...

I always giggle when I see butts

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Your shares and writings are always such a joy!

Happy weekend Erik!

Shea said...

you are a beautiful soul

Erik said...

Thanks Scotty, I love the organic nature of this one, as well.

It's one of the many reasons I dig you.

Thanks Jackie hope you get your site issues cleared soon.

Thanks Shea. (Blushing)

The Snappy Sparrow said...

beautiful :)