16 November 2009

Are my geek undies showing?

I found myself applauding at the end of this and was transported to my childhood as I never missed any of the 13 episodes of Cosmos. This mash-up is amazing and gave me special geek-tingles. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking in "A Glorious Dawn":

What kind of a geek would I be if I didn't include the lyrics?:

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch
You must first invent the universe

Space is filled with a network of wormholes
You might emerge somewhere else in space
Some when-else in time

The sky calls to us
If we do not destroy ourselves
We will one day venture to the stars

A still more glorious dawn awaits
Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise
A morning filled with 400 billion suns
The rising of the milky way

The Cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths
Of exquisite interrelationships
Of the awesome machinery of nature

I believe our future depends powerfully
On how well we understand this cosmos
In which we float like a mote of dust
In the morning sky

But the brain does much more than just recollect
It inter-compares, it synthesizes, it analyzes
it generates abstractions

The simplest thought like the concept of the number one
Has an elaborate logical underpinning
The brain has it's own language
For testing the structure and consistency of the world

For thousands of years
People have wondered about the universe
Did it stretch out forever
Or was there a limit

From the big bang to black holes
From dark matter to a possible big crunch
Our image of the universe today
Is full of strange sounding ideas

How lucky we are to live in this time
The first moment in human history
When we are in fact visiting other worlds

The surface of the earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean
Recently we've waded a little way out
And the water seems inviting


Dragonsongbird said...

Inviting, indeed. This really was fantastical! Kudos!!

Ronda Laveen said...

I loved Cosmos. And I'm so glad you included the script between Sagan and Hawking. So much information there.

I enjoyed your comment on my blog today. It's funny...I saw your avatar on one of the blogs I was reading last night. I hit so many, I can't remember which one. Yours is very striking and stuck with me. Then, this morning, there you were on my blog. Yes, indeed! The water does seem inviting!

In know, somehow I never equated so much laundry with massage therapy. But in that huge pile of cloth, I see abundance...so will happily wash and fold. Oops, I think I just found my geek undies in that pile.

koe said...

Erik - fantastic - thank you so much for posting this. I loved Carl Sagan as a kid.

Poem said...

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Robyn said...

I used to pride myself on being the girl who read Cosmos, not Cosmo, and yet I'm embarrassed to say that I never actually watched Carl Sagan's series.

Thanks for posting this! If you can win brownie points for being nerdy, you'd take the cake!

Mindy Sitton said...

This is a beautiful video. I'm glad I listened to it instead of just reading the lyrics. "A still more glorious dawn awaits
Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise." "The Cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths,of exquisite interrelationships." "But the brain does much more than just recollect. It inter-compares, it synthesizes, it analyzes
it generates abstractions . . . The brain has it's own language
For testing the structure and consistency of the world."

And still, an even more glorious dawn awaits. Thank you for sharing this with us, Erik.

Anonymous said...

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JamieDedes said...

This is charming, including your background experience, Erik. Okay to reblog on my Musing by Moonlight site? All credits and links as appropriate ...

JamieDedes said...

P.S.: You commented on my Brooklyn in Memories Most Green in response to my Carl Sagan post and directed me here.

Anonymous said...

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