22 December 2009

Morning Music - Homer & Jethro

A lil' Homer & Jethro to get you goin'. Here they are performing, "Jam Bowl Liar"; their version of the Hank Williams classic, "Jambalaya".

Homer is the man layin' the rhythm down and Jethro's playin' lead. I was looking for a tune they did called, "You tell her, I stutter" and found this ol' favorite. Sometimes you jus' need a lil' "H&J" to start the day. I know it's a lot of apostrophes, but that's how it is on the bayou.

Of course, what I was really craving is the home-cooking of country music for me: Hank Williams Sr. I had to include his version of "Jambalaya" too.


Ronda Laveen said...

I've never heard Jam Bowl Liar by Homer and Jethro. Quite a foot tapper.

Raizor's Edge said...

Hank Williams was the person who said that no song could truly be considered a "hit," no matter how much it sold, unless Homer & Jethro had butchered it. He should know -- they did seven of his songs!

Scotty said...

this is why america is the kick-assiest nation on earth! thanks for introducing these to me :)


EddieGarcia said...

I can't remember the last time I even thought of Homer & Jethro much less seen them perform. Thanks for bringing back some good memories of the past. I've never heard them perform this one either. You pulled this one from the archives.

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