03 December 2010

I Hope This Gets To You

This is a love letter with a twist.

A young man has created this video with The Daylights in hopes that it would be passed around and reach her organically.

He makes this request on his site:
"WITH YOUR HELP, we can meet this goal and it can stand as a symbol of what we can do as an digital social community. This is dedicated to anyone who is separated from people they love."

May this find it's target and have the desired effect.

Be Love.


Shinade said...

This is really cool Erik. I have a ton of people all over the world who visit when I do Music Mondays.

Is this video available to everyone? I will click and see if I can get it at YouTube also.

If I can I will pass it along next Monday!!

Happy day down there in Austin...boy do I love that town!

Shinade said...

I found it and have it ready to go. I gave you the credit at the bottom of the post.

Which is probably a good thing since I copied it from you. I have the link to the group and everything.

I hope it's okay that I am passing it along this way. I did give you the credit.

If it's not just drop over and shout NO and I'll do something different.

Wow...really cool song and I like the group too. I will be buying some of their music!!

Okay that's all for now...see you next go round!:-)

Erik said...

Fantastic. Of course you have my blessing! Thank you for asking. He has a wonderful video advocate in you. Not only do you have quite the readership, but a good deal of your readership has a readership. :)

I think it is such a lovely idea for a love letter...and my favorite part is that he desires the universe deliver it.