22 July 2011

Amazing Photography - Home on the Playa

Check out Eric Schwabel's unique
 photo project at BM2010!  The photos are breath-taking. 

The production funds were raised through a kickstarter.com campaign. Stills were shot on a Mamiya 645 AFD with DM28 digital back. Lights are Profoto Pro-b2 kits with Pro-7 heads.


Ferd said...

OMG, amazing photos!
I don't think I have ever seen or heard of a "studio" setup like that! LOL
Great idea!

Obaging said...

Breathtaking indeed! I love how everything is set up.

Don said...

I was at Burning Man a few years ago. LOVED it there, and rode my bike around the lot and through the lot many times for the four or five days I was there.

Sounds like an interesting set up you have there, great work too!!


Tony Tomra said...

great stuff Are you going again this year