29 September 2011

What's Happening in Freedom Plaza?

The first rustlings of a movement.


Teri said...

It's almost like a flash mob isn't it! I have always thought of myself as a follower rather than a leader and now I am glad that I saw this because it makes what I always thought as not a popular stance to take, better.

Erik said...

I think people often associate popularity with being a leader, but withmost examples I can think of... it is quite the opposite. Until you have your first follower(s) you are the least popular person around because you are DIFFERENT.

Followers and leaders have distinct and important roles to play. Each has to choose what principle will guide them. Thanks for your comment.

Erik said...

Sorry... very tired tonight. What I meant to say that the leaders and followers find each other and empower each other by guiding principles.

Much love.