04 December 2011

Barton Creek Mall Christmas Arrest

CodePink Austin, along with allies from Veteran's for Peace and Women in Black staged a Don't Buy War "freeze" at Barton Creek Mall on Saturday, December 3rd. 

The group was between the Santa photo station and the Gamestop store, which prominently advertises the 'Modern Warfare 3' video game. 

The goals were to raise awareness about the continuing wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, to educate shoppers about the costs (both human and economic) of the wars, and to dissuade parents from purchasing war toys. An APD officer assaulted/arrested a young woman (Nicole Mann) who had joined the group spontaneously. 


First reports are that she sustained 4 broken ribs!  Also, from people associated with the arrest.  She has been charged with 1 felony and 2 charges that were lowered to a class "B" and class "C" misdemeanor.

Searches to find information within mainstream news have turned up no information.

**I've often wondered when it became policy for security/police to surround people being arrested so that they can be brutalized while unthinking corporate servants run about telling people to stop filming.  It is not illegal to film public officers in public spaces!!!


Erik said...

The first news report I have seen: http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/two-arrests-made-at-anti-war-protest

Just a few inconsistencies in the news report with what appears in the video and eyewitness accounts...

Of course, they don't tell what the flash mob was speaking to and call it an anti-war protest, but I felt it important to post what is being posted in the main stream.

Anonymous said...

This is just so sad and pathetic. All this does add more people to the peace movement. APD, you should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post this on YouTube so that it will get more exposure???